Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Election Episode 9 Recap

The 2022 election campaign loosened its advertising rules and allowed candidates to run television ads. Hence, television has become an important channel of communication between candidates and voters.

Song Man San (Liu Kai-chi) is filming an ad for his campaign with his wife Lee Tsz Kwan (Mimi Kung). In the middle of filming, he suddenly feels unwell and goes back to his van to rest. He vomits and discovers that he is losing his hair.

Reporters ask Yip Ching (Angelica Lee) for her thoughts about Song's massive television campaign. She professes admiration for her opponent's huge budget and says that she can probably only afford to rent a bus and speak to citizens one-on-one. Ho Chun Pak (Samuel Kwok) shows up at her campaign site and is asked how he feels about losing to her in the internal election. He answers that he will fully support her election campaign.

However, his tune completely changes once they are away from cameras. He tells her that he wishes to see her lose and will instruct all party members to reject any of her requests. Yip Ching tries to reason with him that if she wins the election, he would yield incredible influence as leader of the ruling party. But she warns that if she loses, she will push Fong Kai Chiu to be the new leader of the DALP.

During one of Yip Ching's radio interviews, a man calls in and berates her for using "justice" as her campaign slogan when she is just another self-interested politician. The call gets cut off, but Yip Ching can't shake the feeling that the voice sounds familiar.

Song is surprised to see his wife smoking when he arrives home. Lee confronts him about his brain tumour, which she found out about after testing one of his pills. He instantly erupts into a rage and demands to know whether anyone else knows about his illness. She is clearly intimated as he screams that nothing can stop him from continuing in this election.

Ho is personally greeted by Sum Suet Lai (Violet Li) at the HKMG headquarters. She takes him to see a "friend", who turns out to be Song. Song wants to work together with Ho to bring down Yip Ching. He promises to appoint Ho to an important portfolio if he becomes Chief Executive. Their first plan of action is for Ho to quit the DALP along with core members of the party.

Meanwhile, Yip Ching is campaigning on the streets. Cheung Kwai Lung (Gregory Wong) receives an anonymous text message telling him about Song and Ho's secret pact. Suddenly, a bottle of acidic substance is thrown from the building above. Yip Ching immediately tends to the volunteers, while Cheung rushes up the stairs to catch the perpetrator. The attacker kicks him away and runs out onto the street. He is chased by a police officer, whom he knocks out and steals his gun.

Lee opts to stay at her office late at night instead of going home. She is upset that her husband is only focused on the election and nothing else. C.K. So (Shek Sau) comforts her before suggesting that they go out for dinner. In the car, C.K. leans in to help her with her seat belt, then kisses her. They continue making out while Song watches from a distance.

Song goes to see Gei Man Wai (Isabel Chan). He entices her to have sex with him by offering to give her an "explosive" story about the DALP. She happily obliges.

Ho holds a meeting with a group of DALP members, where he badmouths Yip Ching in front of them. He proposes that they all quit the DALP and form a new party together. Everyone agrees to consider the idea for a few days.

The perpetrator of the acid attacks rips one of Yip Ching's posters on the street and is noticed by two police officers. He runs into a building with about a dozen people and pulls out a gun on them. One hostage manages to escape and alerts the cops. The suspect is identified as a former police officer, Lee King Shun (Wu Kwing Lung). He demands to see Yip Ching...

Election countdown: 50 days

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