Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Election Episode 13 Recap

No politician is a blank page; there are always hidden secrets on their page. During elections, candidates will use any method to reveal the secrets written on their opponent's page. Romantic rumours frequently appear on these pages. Exposing an opponent's romantic rumours is like triggering a time bomb for them. In the 1998 leadership race for the Democratic Party of Japan, news about an affair caused front-runner Naoto Kan to lose the leadership to his opponent Yukio Hatoyama.

HKMG releases the clip of Lee Tsz Kwan (Mimi Kung) having an affair with C.K. So (Shek Sau). Song Man San (Liu Kai-chi) plays victim in front of the media. He blames himself for not spending enough time for his wife because he has been so focused on the election. Of course, he throws in a few references to his great vision for Hong Kong as well.

Lee is staying at a hotel to avoid the media. Song comes to see her and asks her to do one thing for him. Later, Yip Ching (Angelica Lee) receives a call from Lee, asking to meet with her. When Yip Ching arrives at her hotel room, they chat and Lee apologizes repeatedly. All of a sudden, she falls sick.

At the hospital, Song angrily pushes his way through the throng of media. He is told by the doctor that his wife had taken a bottle of sleeping pills, but is now in stable condition. After the doctor wheels his wife away, Song turns to Yip Ching and smirkingly says that her election hopes are over.

Song walks outside to the waiting media group. He questions why Yip Ching was with his wife and what she had said to her to cause her to attempt suicide. He claims that he had already decided to resign to spend more time with his wife, but he now changes his mind because he cannot let an immoral candidate like Yip Ching become Chief Executive. Yip Ching comes outside and accuses Song of setting up the whole thing. They continue to trade words in front of the media.

Sum Suet Lai (Violet Li) directs her staff to make up a story about Cheung Kwai Lung (Gregory Wong) and Yip Ching based on the video clip of them sharing drinks at the cafe. When Cheung sees this news report, he goes to Gei Man Wai's (Isabel Chan) workplace and insults her in public, calling her a whore who opens her legs to get news stories.

Tsui Kam Chuan (Daniel Kwok) holds another rally outside the DNRA building. The protest quickly gets out of hand, causing injury to a DNRA staff. Song invites Tsui into his office to seek a peaceful resolution and offers to give him some benefits, but Tsui rejects this as Song had voted in favour of stripping his councillor position when he went to jail.

Yip Ching meets with leaders of several women's groups. They agree with her policies, but are skeptical about her as a candidate because of her rumours with Cheung. Yip Ching reaffirms her commitment to her late husband Wai Man Hin.

Gei, appearing to be drunk, forces her way into Cheung's house. When he refuses her advances, she asks whether it is because he likes Yip Ching. He adamantly denies this and pushes her out of the house. Then, Gei calmly walks out and meets up with Kong Yat Dong (Samson Yeung).

Tsui drops by Yip Ching's office and requests that she support him at a press conference as he has gotten into trouble for the violent protests. When she refuses, he angrily says that he knows what she and Cheung say behind his back. This arouses Yip Ching's suspicion. She and her team search for and find the listening device that Tsui had hidden in their office.

Gei is at a studio with audio clips of Yip Ching and Cheung from earlier that night. From Cheung's phrase "I do not like Yip Ching", she edits it to say "I do like Yip Ching", and from Yip Ching's words, she changes it to "If I want to win, I must use [Wai] Man Hin's halo."

Election countdown: 26 days

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  1. This episode proved just how much of a bastard Song Man San truly is! Yip Ching's criticism of him outside the hospital is completely spot on -- and even though what Lee Tsz Kwan did was not right and not worthy of forgiveness, I do feel sorry for her for having such a husband.

    But of course, no matter what bad things any of the ladies do, all of it pales in comparison to that Gei Man Wai woman -- wow, she is some piece of work! What a detestable woman!

    P.S.: I just finished watching the final episode and believe me, I am both TICKED AND DISAPPOINTED!! With that aside though (as well as some of the flaws we had already identified earlier), the series overall was excellent and I would definitely watch it again in a heartbeat (though not sure if I would re-watch the ending again, since I would get ticked off all over again)....