Friday, January 09, 2015

"Once Upon A Song" Promo Clips

Astro Preview #1

Astro Preview #2

Astro Preview #3

7-minute Preview


  1. Nice! I'm actually looking forward to this series, since the musical genre is one of my favorites. So far, all 3 of HKTV's series have been excellent, so I'm hoping this series will follow in the same path. I will say that I'm not tremendously fond of the cast, but I do like the "freshness" of the collaboration between the younger artists and the veterans (better than seeing the same artists over and over again).

  2. I LOVE THIS DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the main actress is cute rofl and love JASON CHAN!!!!!!!
    the only thing i hate is that i have to wait for the next episode to upload -_-