Monday, November 17, 2014

HKTV Schedule

The official schedule for HKTV has been announced (all in Hong Kong time).

Two hours of drama – one episode each of The Borderline and The Election – will be made available each day starting at 6:00 am. In addition, there will be a 30 minute episode of the variety show The Challenge, as well as several foreign purchased dramas.

Live Broadcast (November 19):
8:00 pm – Opening Ceremony
8:30 pm – The Borderline
9:30 pm – The Election
10:30 pm – The Challenge
11:00 pm – Shopping Hero

Update: Instead of two hours of drama daily, the schedule has been changed as follows:
The Borderline will have one episode released each day (Monday-Friday).
The Election will have one episode released on Saturdays. 
The Challenge will have one episode released on Sundays. 

Update: Variety show "Gone With the Wind" will also have one episode released on Sundays.


  1. Yay! Can't wait! The schedule looks great! I like the simple, clean format. :-)

    Oh, I also recommend watching the "countdown" videos that HKTV has been posting on FB and their YT channel. As the launch date gets closer, they're starting to have some of the bigger names record video clips -- though the clips are short, some of them are pretty fun to watch.

  2. Thanks a bunch for the English translations :')

  3. this schedule kinda sucks and I hope it's only temporary.

    having borderline on everyday is....okay...but I prefer that they have one episode of each drama per week cause I don't think they could stretch borderline all the way to the new year.

    Also, I recently checked out some commentary from memehk and I think the commentator had a point. A lot of these dramas were filmed a long time ago, probably over a year and they are getting old so they need to broadcast all their dramas now. I just checked the schedule for Thursday and Friday, they are showing Korean dramas and Japanese anime? oh come on! we get to watch Korean dramas on TVB. I think the whole point of HKTV is to watch HK production first and foremost.