Monday, September 21, 2015

HKTV Series on YouTube

HKTV will be uploading some of their series on YouTube. Hooray for overseas fans who want to watch (or re-watch) HKTV series!

First up is The Election! Watch how a political rookie faces off against a seasoned veteran in the Chief Executive race. (Read my recaps to follow along with the political context)

Night Shift is being uploaded! (Mandarin version)

To Be or Not to Be (Mandarin version)

Variety shows:
Gone With the Wind
Hot Talk
Cuisine Top Secret


  1. YAY! Re-watch time for me! Now I can binge watch The Election all at one time rather than wait each week for a new episode to watch (and forget most of what happened in the previous Oh and thanks again for the recaps -- they are truly a HUGE help (for me at least), especially with this series due to all the politics stuff. :-)

    1. Such an excellent series, sad that there won't be a season 2.

  2. Will they make English subtitle available with it or the Raw only?

    1. YouTube can translate the Chinese subtitles into English but it's not 100% accurate