Monday, July 25, 2016

Upcoming Movie: The Menu

Release Date: August 4, 2016
Cast: Catherine Chau, Gregory Wong, Kate Yeung, Ng Man Tat

Inside the Smart Post conference room, reporters Catherine Chau, Gregory Wong and Kate Yeung are busy working on the day's stories when there is a sudden report: an explosion occurred during the recording of an interview program at the television station. Amidst the chaotic scene and panicking crowd, the suspect Ng Man Tat emerges with a remote control in his hand. He claims that there are more explosives in the station and warns everyone not to move, or else they will all perish together. Ng makes his demand in front of the cameras: he wants to see the Chief Executive! His real target is a wealthy heir who had raped and killed his daughter seven years ago, but was acquitted because of a witness's testimony. Although there was new evidence afterwards, the wealthy heir continues to evade justice because of restrictions in the Hong Kong justice system, leaving Ng with only this option!

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