Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Chief Executive Candidates

Candidate #1: Song Man San (played by Liu Kai-chi)

His heart is filled with only one thing – ambition. To satisfy his hunger for power, he won't hesitate to betray his family, friends and even his soul. In his eyes, it doesn't matter if the tactics are despicable or not, as long as he achieves his goal. A cunning character that is able to manipulate anyone and remain calm under a crisis. Yet he is also petty-minded, intolerant towards others and lacks the affinity that a political leader should have.

Candidate #2: Yip Ching (played by Angelica Lee)

A pity and slender figure, but under the gentle appearance, she has a strong and determined heart. Fairness and justice are not just her own guiding principles, but also an objective for society, which is her mission to fight for. With an indomitable spirit, she does not compromise or flinch despite being under heavy pressure. She is articulate, possesses affinity and charm and is a naturally born leader.

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  1. voting for Song Man San just for more drama in the series Haha ^^

    1. Hehe, I have the same logic xD

      Btw, icdrama and on99 have posted the first eps of HKTV dramas, I suspect they will have the English sub versions soon.

    2. yeeee thanks! that's the best news I've heard all day :)) I'm so excited I'll go watch the raw version first!

  2. This series is quality stuff. I wish HKTV would continue the series. HK people deserve better TV drama than TVB! And if only some one pick up subbing