Monday, November 24, 2014

"The Borderline" Character Interviews

Interview with Liu Kai-chi and Felix Lok:

Interview with Philip Keung and Crystal Leung:

Interview with Luvin Ho, Lui Hei, Wu Kwing Lung:

Interview with Leila Tong and Dominic Lam:

Interview with Joman Chiang, Lawrence Chou, Kathy Yuen:


  1. The intros were too short and didn't tell us much...definitely wish they were longer. In any case, still enjoyed watching them.

    According to HKTV's FB post, this is the first in a series of character intro videos -- hope they release the other ones soon.

    By the way -- I read the character summaries on HKTV's website for The Borderline...alot of spoilers in seems like the direction we were discussing on AF in terms of some of the characters may be correct (unless things changed since those summaries were written...)

    1. Oh, I must avoid the character descriptions then, but good to know we are in the right direction