Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Election Episode 3 Recap

Since 2015, the debates surrounding the Chief Executive elections have intensified, particularly about the use of a nomination committee. However, the Chinese government ultimately decides that the nomination committee must stay. Candidates who want to participate in the election must obtain at least 600 of the 1200 ballots from the committee.

See how the current election process works (Linkand the electoral reforms (Link) that are being used in the series. 

Continuing from the last episode, a reporter arrives at the campaign office to ask Yip Ching (Angelica Lee) about her knowledge of an alleged deal between Wai Man Hin and businessman Cheuk Tin Fan (Felix Lok). The reporter alleges that there had been a highway project which was opposed by many people, but Wai still insisted on continuing with it. Coincidentally, Cheuk purchased all the land near the planned highway route before the project was made public. Yip Ching denies any knowledge of a deal and says that she believes in her husband's character.

As the reporter is leaving, she receives a message from a person named "Sam", who says that Yip Ching knows nothing about her husband's dealings. Later at her office, she receives a package from Sam.

Luk Wai To (Savio Tsang) wants to drop out of the election due to the pressure of being scrutinized by the media. Although Song Man San (Liu Kai-chi) angrily scolds Luk about the implications if he dropped out, he discreetly guides Luk into suggesting that he would be a suitable replacement as Chief Executive candidate.

Another protest is happening at the docks. The workers who had participated in the strikes earlier had been fired by the dock company. Yip Ching watches the news report on TV, but Cheung Kwai Lung (Gregory Wong) warns her not to get involved. He says that they cannot afford to lose the nomination ballots held by the dock company and its affiliates.

Song's wife, Lee Tsz Kwan (Mimi Kung), is a lawyer working at a law firm with C.K. So (Shek Sau). She is given the case of defending the wrongfully terminated dock workers. However, at home, Song tells her to reject the case because it might affect a "new job" that he will soon have. She is happy to oblige. Song also reminds her that as a politician's wife, she must act carefully, otherwise it can affect her husband's career.

Yip Ching meets with the management of the dock company. They offer to give her their 9 nomination ballots as long as she stays out of the matter, but she rejects the deal. Cheung is outraged when he finds out about this.

Luk is happily preparing for the press conference to announce his resignation until he receives a call from Mr. Wong. At the press conference, he unexpectedly announces that he will stay in the race.

At the DALP headquarters, Ho Chun Pak (Samuel Kwok) holds a meeting with some party members whom he knew were invited to meet with Yip Ching later that evening. He makes a "friendly" reminder that their nomination ballots should go towards the yet-to-be-determined DALP candidate, otherwise the party will pull their support for them in the next Legislative Council elections.

That night, no one goes to meet with Yip Ching. Cheung tells her that in this political game, she must offer benefits in exchange for votes. Even Wai Man Hin had understood this principle as he had indeed revealed government secrets to Cheuk in exchange for 32 nomination ballots.

Yip Ching receives another call to meet with the reporter from earlier. The reporter shows her Wai's phone records. He had frequently been in contact with a phone number belonging to Cheuk. Yip Ching says that they can check Wai's old cell phone, which she still kept at home. As they are driving to her house, they get into a car accident.

Meanwhile, Luk is extremely upset that Mr. Wong forced him to stay in the race. Song appears to be sympathetic, but in reality, he despises him. He attempts to kill him by leaving the drunken Luk in the car with the engine running. However, Song later changes his mind and returns to retrieve Luk.

Yip Ching and the reporter are in the hospital after the car accident. The reporter messages "Sam" that she has lost the documents that he sent her. Sam is revealed to be Cheung. The rest of the campaign team ask if this ploy will actually change Yip Ching's mind. It is shown that Yip Ching was the one who took the documents, which she burns.

Yip Ching reaches a deal with the dock company to pay only a little compensation to the fired workers. The CEO of the dock company welcomes her decision and gives her the contact information for the nine nominators. Yip Ching watches as the dock workers pack up at the protest site and then walks away silently with Cheung following behind her. "Will you continue to stay by my side?", she asks. "Yes", he replies.

At a radio interview, Luk is asked about what he thinks of Yip Ching's increasing popularity. He exposes her secret deal with the dock company and says that the Hong Kong people will soon see her true nature.

Election countdown: 110 days


  1. Once again, great recap! :-)

    I have to put in a word of praise for the cast -- the acting so far has been excellent from pretty much everyone! The story is good too -- the script is well-written so far with quite a few tense moments that makes for very interesting television. In fact, I was so immersed in episode 3 that I totally forgot about the time and the episode was over before I knew it.

    I'm interested in seeing how Song Man San is going to get Luk Wai To to drop out of the election now and put himself in there as the replacement. With Luk's connections and Mr. Wong having such huge control over him, I don't see how he's going to get out of it, no matter what types of scandals or bad things he does....

    1. Thanks llwy12! I wouldn't want to spoil it for you, but there has already been a hint of how Song eventually gets rids of Luk.

      I'm quite interested in how Yip Ching will get 600 ballots, as she currently stands at 9. There will have to be many more shady dealings.

  2. Thanks for the recaps! An enjoyable read - very well written. I actually can't understand Cantonese, but really interested in this programme, since the recent protests. Please keep them coming!

  3. Yeah, adding my thanks to your recaps! Though at a much slower pace I'm enjoying the unfolding story all the same. In any political game, whether TVB or HK arena, "Cheung tells her that in this political game, she must offer benefits in exchange for votes." If not benefits then compliance or compromises -- question is how much are you willing to sacrifice your principles and values to achieve your goal?